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Limited Edition Collection- small batch production.

Posted November 14, 2018

The Small Batch Collection from Cougar.
Waterproof natural hide and suede leather
It's really rare for fashion boots like these to be waterproof, but our design team pulled it off.
We've built each shoe with a waterproof membrane hidden underneath the natural hide and suede leather to keep your feet dry.
Even the seams are sealed with waterproof adhesives and tape.
That means you can wear these in wet slushy snow without getting your feet wet!
Temperature rated
The materials used in the lining  of each shoe is cold-temperature rated down to -24°C/-11°F.
No more freezing toes when you get into work.
Easy to care for
Keeping natural hide and suede leather clean is easier than you'd think.
Just wipe the leather with a damp cloth, gently comb with a small brush or toothbrush, and allow to air dry.
No need to apply waterproof sprays or gels, these boots are waterproof right out of the box.

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