A new rain shoe that's as light as a flip-flop! Seriously.

A new rain shoe that's as light as a flip-flop! Seriously.

Do you find that rain boots are sometimes a pain?

Bulky. Heavy. Uncomfortable.

And too hard to match to most outfits.

If you agree, then we got the perfect shoe for you.

The Rainy Day is a lightweight hand-crafted waterproof slip-on.

Weighing only 275g (8.8oz), it’s as light and comfortable as a flip-flop, but will keep your feet protected and dry.


The Rainy Day is comfortable to wear barefoot due to its breathable pigskin leather-covered insole and soft knit lining.

This is one of the lightest waterproof shoes you’ll find.

And it comes in enough colours to match any outfit.

We think it’s perfect for camping trips, beach walks, gardening, and running quick errands around town.

Leather doesn’t hold odour and bacteria as much as synthetic materials, and just feels better on your feet.



How is it made?
ANSWER by our friends at COUGAR:

Because machines can’t handle the intensive construction process, each pair is fully made by hand.

We start by melting raw rubber harvested from rubber trees, and then mix it with curatives and colour pigments. After mixing, it’s rolled out into sheets and the diamond pattern is pressed into the warm rubber.

Once cooled, the rubber is then cut to shape, formed by hand over a shoe last, and baked in a high temperature vulcanizing oven.

Cement is then applied to the bottom of the rubber upper and pressed onto the sole.

The lightweight soles are made from EVA plastic pellets, the same material used to make flip-flops.

Flip-flops don’t have the best surface grip, so we compress grippy rubber pods on the bottom of the outsole to help with traction and durability.

Rubber is much better at gripping wet and dry surfaces than EVA plastic, and lasts a lot longer too!

This means you get the comfort of a flip-flop, with the traction of a rubber shoe.

Kensington in Blush
Ruby in Floral
Regent in Dark Floral
Kensington in Floral

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